Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tips on how to pick a name for your baby

"1. Remember that names are for a lifetime:-
Most likely, your baby will wear the name you choose for life. Your child will be known on the playground, in an interview for a job and to future generations by the name you choose. Try to make sure it's a name that your child will happily accept as an expression of self and even take pride in. Don't choose a name that is so outlandish your child will be forever handicapped by it (or ultimately drop it) or a name that is so conventional that it fades dully into the background.

2. Choose a name that gives you a warm, comfortable feeling:-
Your baby deserves a name that conveys a positive, desirable value to you and to your child throughout life. Don't choose a name that you associate with stupidity, dullness or awkwardness. Avoid names that remind you of people you genuinely dislike. Instead, think of names that you associate with beauty, intelligence, affection, strength and energy. Also, think of names that readily bring to mind people whom you admire.

3. Be conscious of how the name sounds:-
In general, a child's name will sound better if the first name does not have the same number of syllables as the last name. Practice saying the first and last name aloud, as well as the first, middle and last name to find out how they sound together. Is the name easy to pronounce, or does it sound very awkward? Does it rhyme in a too-obvious way (Mary Berry, Bart Dart) or have a meaning that will provoke derision, such as the famous "Ima Hogg", "Hamm Bone" or "Jack Daniels"?

4. Avoid names with initials that spell out words:-
Would you name your baby Richard Alexander Thompson? Maybe, until you saw "RAT" on a monogrammed baby gift! How about Penny Ursula Smith (PUS)? Try to choose a name that doesn't spell out an unexpected word with an unpleasant connotation.

5. Think about nicknames:-
Are you prepared to hear your child called by a nickname? Andrew will inevitably become "Andy" some of the time, even if you insist on the formal name. If you like the potential nicknames associated with the name you choose, well and good. But if you have strong feelings against them, think about choosing another name with nicknames you like better or consider names without commonly used nicknames such as "Eric" or "Mary."

More tips on how to pick the right name for your baby. Ought to provide some food for thought for brand managers. Brands are babies too.

Note: Idea by me. Text and inspiration from above shown link.