Saturday, September 6, 2008

5 tips for naming your dog

"1. Choose a name that will be easy for your dog to learn. A two-syllable name usually works best. Get your dog used to hearing his name often. It should be spoken in a gentle and happy manner. There is no sound more pleasant for a dog than the sound of his own name.

2. Don't give your dog a name that sounds like a command. Avoid names like "Joe" (No), "Jay" (Stay), or "Fletch" (Fetch).

3. Your dog deserves a respectful name. The attitude you and others develop toward your dog can be affected by the name you give it. Avoid derogatory names like Bozo and Doofus. Steer clear of names that have negative connotations like Diablo, Lucifer, Satan, and Cujo.

4. Your dog's name should not sound like any other name within the family, a close friend or neighbor. You want to avoid confusion and hurt feelings. (My neighbor and my dog were both named "Charlie", and my neighbor would think I was yelling for him whenever I would call my dog in from the yard.)

5. If your dog is going to be around kids or the elderly, avoid upsetting names like Nightmare, Killer, or Monster."

More on that line of thinking here.

So what's my point? Replace the word 'Dog' in those 5 tips with the word 'Brand'. Catch my point? Humans are dogs too.

Note: Idea by me. Text and inspiration from above shown link.