Thursday, September 4, 2008

Name Wars: Google vs Chrome

In a quick post highlighting the launch of 'Google Chrome' and the implications of the name chosen by the chosen ones in the ever-evolving browser wars, my fellow namer is of the opinion that 'Chrome' is not the best of naming choices. That apart, he also mentions a lesser known factoid about 'Chrome' being already used by the programmers at Mozilla for XUL applications. In response to which, here's my point: Does it really matter?

Google could well have called their new browser 'Browser' and it still wouldn't have made much of a difference. The thing about the browser wars is that brand names matter less than brand performance and the company of origin. Which is probably why the guys at Google didn't bother all that much about 'Chrome' also being used by Mozilla and that it doesn't feel warm and fuzzy and the like. As far I'm concerned, people will download and try 'Chrome' only because it is a new browser from Google.

Come to think of it, like 'Google Apps', 'Gmail' and 'Google Earth' - all names that shine the light firmly on 'Google' and brand 'functionality' - the guys at Google should have called their new browser 'Google Browser'. 'Chrome' only ends up leaving people with one more thing to remember. Don't you think?

Note: Somebody else who has spent some time thinking about 'Chrome', quite deeply.