Monday, September 1, 2008

Reservoir Dog turns Inglorious Bastard

Quentin Tarrantino has announced his next project. It's titled Inglorious Bastards. Sufficiently provocative, ain't it? I don't see this name sailing through in islamic countries. I am curious about the Hindi dubbed title...would it be Haraamzaadeys or Kuttey Kaminays? Let's wait and see. Meanwhile, I did a domain name check. Apparently was booked in 2001. It's in the name of Level Four Business Management, a Los Angeles based company. Would Mr. Q have bought the domain name from them? Dunno. But what I do know is a Brendan Fraser film titled Mad Bastards is slated for release in 2009. Also in the pipeline is Little Bastards in 2010. Looks like it's gonna rain bastards from next year. Poor you.