Friday, September 12, 2008

Lots in a name

Why do people change their names? (I have a cousin who has three names. One given at birth. Another on her school leaving certificate. And a third after getting married.) How much does the new name have to do with becoming famous? (My cousin is far from famous.) Would these people have been just as well-known had they stuck with their birth names? 'Godgyfu'? I don't think so.

a. Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Jr
b. David John Moore Cornwell
c. Godgyfu
d. Francois Marie Arouet
e. Angelo Siciloano
f. William Frederick Cody

Answers to the above and more such questions can be found here. It's a nice little site that showcases famous name changes. A work in progress. Enjoy, if you haven't already.