Monday, September 29, 2008

Chemical Element Names & Their Meanings

Antimony = Anti Monos = Greek for Opposed to Solitude.
Argon = Greek for lazy.
Arsenic = Persian for Yellow Mineral
Astatine = Greek for unstable.
Barium = Greek for heavy.
Berkelium = A reference to University of California, Berkeley.
Bismuth = German for White Mass.
Bromine = Greek for stench.
Cadmium = Latin for Calamine.
Caesium = Latin for Sky Blue.
Calcium = Latin for Lime.
Carbon = Latin for Charcoal.
Chlorine = Greek for Yellowish Green.
Cobalt = German for Evil Spirit.
Dysprosium = Greek for Hard to Get at.
Helium = Greek for Sun.
Hydrogen = Greek for 'to beget water'.
Iodine = Greek for Violet.
Krypton = Greek for Hidden one.
Lanthanum = Greek for 'to lie hidden'.
Lithium = Greek for Stone.
Manganese = Latin for Magnet.
Neodymium = Latin for New Twin.
Neon = Latin for New.
Nitrogen = Greek for Native Soda Forming.
Osmium = Greek for 'a smell'.
Oxygen = Greek for Acid to bring forth.
Phosphorus = Greek for Light Bearer.
Platinum = Spanish for Little Silvr.
Praseodymium = Green Twin.
Radium = Latin for Ray.
Rhenium = Latin for River.
Rhodium = Greek for Rose.
Rubidium = Latin for deepest red.
Selenium = Greek for Moon.
Silicon = Latin for Flint.
Sulfur = Arabic for Yellow.
Tellurium = Latin for Earth.
Tungsten = Danish for Heavy Stone.
Xenon = Greek for Foreigner.