Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Rajnikant Name Oddity

Rajnikanth is perhaps the only actor with the most number of movies to be named after his lead character in the movie. To my knowledge, he's done at least 12 movies, where I've spotted this trend...

SIVAJI - Sivaji Arumugam
BABA - Baba
PADAIYAPPA - Padaiyappa
ARUNACHALAM - Arunachalam
BADSHA - Badsha/Manickam
MUTHU - Muthu
VEERA - Muthuveerappan
ANNAMALAI - Annamalai
PANDIYAN - Pandiyan
MR. BHARATH - Bharath
BILLA - Billa
JOHNNY - Johnny

Can you dispute my assertion? Is there any other actor with this record?