Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gyaan: How big is the naming industry

As of 2006, the number of registered domain names on the internet was 120 million. In 2003, this number was 60 million.

This means, every three years, the number of registered names, double. In 2006 alone, the number of registered domain names was close to 35 million.

Applying a modest growth rate of 20%, one can expect the number of names that will be registered in 2008 to be 50 million. 50 million names is a big market.

Let’s assume that only 1% of these names come from naming companies. So make that 500,000 names suggested by naming companies.

The cheapest rate any dirt cheap naming company will charge for a domain name is $ 100. Logical deduction: the naming industry is at least a 50 million dollar industry.

Now this figure could be way below the actual size, because we haven’t included the fee the naming company charges for trade marking the name & researching it. So we can safely double the figure and estimate the size of the industry to be at least $ 100 million dollars.