Saturday, October 4, 2008

Is Vertu really a top-end name?

Nokia's own Patek Philippe equivalent of mobile phones is Vertu. Every phone costs a bomb. But does the name ignite any imagery in your mind? Nopes. Not at all. Vertu is French for virtue. It's a name like Wondera or Magnifique. It states the obvious and stops short. There's no hint of exotica. No story value. To be brutally honest, it's flat as a pancake. Compare it with any premium brand you can think of, I am sure, Vertu will lose the premiumness battle, hands down. Wonder why, Nokia chose this name. The only explanation I can think of is - apart from being 5-letter, 2-syllable words, Vertu and Nokia share the same numerology score (5)! Can you come up with something more convincing?