Saturday, October 4, 2008

Any takers for this guy, moron?

I researched and researched. But could not find one brand in this world with the name moron. So I decided to do something path breaking. What if I create a concept fashion brand called Guy Moron? Will it click? Will anyone proudly sport this tag? The rational me says, no way dude. Why would anyone proclaim their idiocy? The irrational me says, of course they will. There are some folks out there who revel in self-deprecation. This brand is for them. This brand is for me. I mean, I'd rather wear a Guy Moron tee than one with Armani emblazoned on it. The more I think of it, the more exciting it sounds. It makes a great gift item. Girl friends who were dumped could gift their Exes, a Guy Moron. Stand up comedians will get a free laugh by just wearing one. The label is a camera magnet. Anyone will want to snap you up if you tuck yourself into a Guy Moron...the possibilities are immense...don't you see it?