Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why no one names their kid, Kid.

Elementary, my dear vatsan. If a boy were to be named as boy and a girl as girl, the world will be a big yawn. Clients somehow never seem to grasp this concept. Otherwise why would anyone name a mobile store as The Mobile Store? Why would the guys who give us our pay cheque, insist on generic options that cue nothing more than the category? I've had many battles with persistent suits on this issue. And they never seem to get one thing into their airheads: people are not morons. They'd rather connect with something more than the mind numbingly pedestrian.

I am only 95% against generic cues in a name. Generic works best when you have zero advertising budget. Take blog names like Nama Sutra. To get the attention of strangers like you, I have to cue the category. I'd have never opted for this name, if it were my naming company.

There is another scenario in which generic names will work. It will work brilliantly when the whole world opts for the exotic. For example, when you have a million hindi sounding names, when someone uses a surname like Doctor, Pilot or Screwwala, it really stands out, doesn't it?