Thursday, August 28, 2008

10 nice excuses for killing a nice brand name

Hey Mr. Name Nemesis, the next time you want the sadistic pleasure of burying a nice name, don't forget to use one of these excuses...

1. I dunno how they will pronounce it in Sub-Saharan Africa.
2. I liked that name. But 10 out of 9 people I asked, didn't seem to share my opinion.
3. Research says it's one syllable too long.
4. I get this feeling I've heard this name before. Anyway, we'll ask the lawyers to do a double check. Meanwhile, gimme one more option.
5. It'll make a good name for a condom. But our category is a little more corporate.
6. I agree it's a decent name. But it's a little too serious for our category. Can we have some more fun?
7. Oops, I should have told you. The name is not numerologically compliant with my wife's lucky number.
8. I hear it means 'Horse's Piss' in Esperanto slang.
9. Will the man on the street in Jhumritalaya be able to understand what it means?
10. I like the first half of the name, can we do something with the second?