Friday, August 29, 2008

Air Deccan shown the Red card

The deed is done. Air Deccan has been given a decent burial by Vijay Mallya. After splurging millions of rupees in renaming Air Deccan as Simplifly Deccan, the liquor don cum politician has now opted for Kingfisher Red. If the idea was to create a Kingfisher sub-brand, I wonder what was the tearing hurry to settle for the interim Simplifly option. Anyway, from a branding point of view, it's not a bad choice. Red is the colour of the common man (or so say the commies). Red's the hue of KF's uniform. Red also happens to be the shade of Coke. Who knows may be Coke might be served for free to all ye who fly Kingfisher Red. Knowing Mr. V, he might launch a new beer named Kingfisher Red. Whatever marketing tactics the Kingfisher dudes may deem to employ, they must remember that Red also cues bleeding. Let's hope for their sake Kingfisher Red doesn't cause a financial haemorrhage.