Saturday, August 30, 2008

Praja Rajyam gets my vote

Actor Chiranjeevi's party's blockbuster launch took place, last week. The crowds were choreographed. Larger-than-life promises were made. And a new political potboiler was scripted. Everyone with a telugu connection has had their say on this issue. I felt a little left out. So here I am with my gongura-laden kilobytes...

Praja Rajyam or People's Rule is an interesting choice. It has the ring of an NTR movie. And is easy on the mouth (just 4-syllables as compared to Telugu Desam's five). The name is not limiting in any way. It will work in Andhra, Rayalseema or Telengana. And even if the party becomes a South Indian force tomorrow, Praja Rajyam will still work. That cannot be said of Telengana Rashtra Samithi or TDP.

Another interesting aspect of the name is it captures the dream of every AK-47 wielding naxalite. The party symbol (red sun), the ideology (poverty eradication)and colours (green & white) only add to the leftist aura.

The only goof up that was done was no one bothered to check if the name has already been registered with the Election Commission. One Cudappah lawyer had actually applied for Praja Rajyam, a month ago. But thanks to some pow wows, this issue has been amicably sorted.

Overall, given the constraints of the political canvas, I think Praja Rajyam is a decent name. The short form PR sounds infinitely savvier than Vijaykanth's DMDK or Karunakaran's DIC(K).