Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why Aggi, why?

Agnello Dias & Santhosh Padhi are the two most admired souls in advertising in India today. When they announced they were starting their own outfit, it captured the imagination of the nation. Everyone was keenly awaiting THE NAME. We namasutrists, even had a shortlist in our heads. Now we hear, they are calling their outfit ROOTS INDIA. That's a great brief, Aggi. But not a great name. A simple online check will tell you there is already a Roots Advertising in Delhi. You can't have two Roots, can you? Also, there is a plastic precision component company by the name Roots India. As agencies, when we counsel our clients to be unique, isn't it our job to be unique? We like you, Aggi. We like you, Paddy. But we think, you should have done a little research before making your name public. In any case, best wishes for your new venture.