Saturday, January 17, 2009

Atlas of True Names

Kalimedia has released a new kinda map with original meanings of names. Put together by German cartographers Silke Peust & Stephan Hormes, the Atlas has generated a buzz of sorts. Here are a few interesting etymological meanings extracted from the map:

Azerbaijan: Land of the Fire Keepers.
Baghdad: God's Gift.
Buenos Aires: Good Breeze.
Chicago: Stink Onion.
Great Britain: Great Land of the Tatooed.
Hong Kong: Fragrant Port.
Idaho: Gem of the Mountains.
Libya: Heart of the Sea.
London: Hill Fort.
Malta: Isle of Honey.
Manila: Here are Root Trees.
Mauritius: Island of the Dark One.
Miami: Great Water.
Nauru: I go to the Beach.
New York: New Wild Boar Village.
Nicaragua: Here are People.
Paris: City of Boatmen.
Persian Gulf: Gulf of the Pure Ones.
Somalia: Go and Milk.
Vancouver: From the Cowford.
Zimbabwe: House of Stones.