Thursday, February 2, 2012

Life after name & fame.

Dravid’s career has hit a wall. Laxman has become Very Very Superfluous. Tendulkar’s retirement is just one century away. Zaheer has run out of steam. Gauti’s situation is fairly gambhir. Viru’s future seems very edgy. And Dhoni looks like he may need to hang up his gloves soon.

So what do all these legends do once they’re forced to call it a day? Surely they can’t turn television anchors, as Shastri, Gavaskar, Ganguly, Manjrekar, Sivaramakrishnan and Aakash Chopra have squatted upon every inch of real estate available in the already over-crowded commentary box.

The only way out is to start something new. Given how Tendulkar’s and Saurav’s have failed to tickle the palate of foodies, restaurants may not be the best bet. In such quandrous moments, it might be a good idea to study what celebs in other countries are doing in the sunset boulevard of their lives.

MC Hammer, the ‘U can’t touch this’ rapper, has just put his money behind Wiredoo, a deep search engine that’s expected to rock Google and Bing. Raquel Welch, the sex symbol of the swinging sixties, has stumbled upon a goldmine with HairUWear - the world leader in wigs. Shane Warne, Sachin’s dear pal and Liz Hurley’s leg spinner, is all set to launch a high-end nightclub named Club23 in Melbourne.

Meanwhile, Paul Newman, the blue-eyed heartthrob of yore, has milked his equity by putting his name and face on Newman’s Own, an organic food company with the unique proposition of donating all profits for charity. The idea has obviously worked as the company has generated more than $300 million for social causes since 1982!

Another sizzling opportunity is to create a fashion label like Gwen Stefani. The American songster rode on her hit album ‘Love Angel Music Baby’ to create L.A.M.B – the clothing brand. Zaheer Khan is attempting something similar by backing – an online apparel store.

Jonty Rhodes, the jumping jack of cricket and the brain behind ‘Evolution’ dope-free nutritional supplements, offers the offbeat path of making money while still sticking to sports. Wonder what will appeal to our senior citizens. Gotta watch this match!