Thursday, June 2, 2011

The One-Word Poem

Why did Einstein strive to explain the universe with one equation? Why did the ancients distil their wisdom into one book? Why do doctors crave for that one cure for all ills? The answer lies in one word: Minimalism.

Minimalism is all about creating the highest impact with the lowest levels of effort. Visualize it as the Spartan School of Artistry. To give you an example, Laxman is the walking-talking Brand Ambassador for Minimalism in the killing fields of cricket. He always prefers to deal in sublime boundaries than waste precious sweat over pedestrian singles, doesn’t he?

The fluidity, flow and effortless elegance of Laxman, is what one gets to experience with Evokonyms. Extreme minimalists by nature, Evokonyms are evocative names with the uncanny ability to suffuse the senses with the beguiling beauty of a one-word poem.

Before you go fhat-the-wuck, let me define a one-word poem for you. It’s like a bodiless soul wrapped with layers of invisible meaning, waiting to spring to life in the formless world of your imagination.

Evokonyms have this magical quality. They pierce the doors of perception, seep into your consciousness, float in the Eddies in the thought stream, and influence your thinking like the Inception movie drug.

Obama is a zen-like evokonym. Nobody knows what it means. But everyone is entranced when they hear the sound. Even if Obama hadn’t been an adjunct to Barack, I am of the view, that it would have been as magnetic. Such is the pull of this 3-syllable Kenyan word.

Google is what I call, the coined evokonym. A tweaked version of the mathematical term Googol - which means 10 to the power of 100 - Google feels as sharp-eyed as an eagle and as goofy as a lovable geek.

Jesus is a transformative evokonym that is equally fascinating. Spelled the English way, it has a very lively and adorable sound. Pronounced the Aramaic way, it almost resembles Eesha, the Sanskrit word for Lord!

Sculpting an evokonym is never too easy. But spotting one is. All you have to do is to pick the name you like for no rhyme or reason!