Sunday, August 8, 2010

LSD & the trip of numbers

Being a conceited writer, I used to entertain this naïve notion that ‘The Script’ decides the fate of a movie. Every time an awful film made it big, I used to attribute it to huge doses of good karma. But the shocking success of some dubla patla plots (Twilight, Transformers 2 and Wanted), has made me question the very foundations of my craft. So, does the bound book, matter at all? If it doesn’t, what is the blue print for weaving a sure-fire blockbuster? Ekta Kapoor, the Temptress of Television, seems to have cracked the code. And her password is: NUMEROLOGY.

Yes my disbelieving pal, the answer lies in numbers. Let’s study the Queen of Soaps for more clues. Ekta Kapoor was born on 7th of June, 1975. Her birth number (sum of the digits of her birth date) is 7 and fadic number (sum of the digits of her DOB) is 8. If one were to go purely by the merits of the never-ending story line of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, one would have dismissed it as a non-starter.

But when you apply the science of Pythagorean numerology, even pigs can fly. And that’s what Jumping Jeetu’s daughter did. She just sculpted the serial title in such a way that it tallied with her birth number 7. After tasting success with this gamble, she applied the same formula to Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii. It became a TRP magnet too! She then extended this 7-logic to movie making with Kyaa Kool Hai Hum. It became the surprise hit of 2005. Incidentally 2005 also adds up to 7!

Recently I read a news item that Ekta Kapoor has floated a new production house named ALT. And their first new feature is LSD or Love, Sex Aur Dokha. The numerologist in me did the number crunching. It didn’t add up to 7. I was puzzled. Then I applied the Chaldean Numerology Code instead of the Pythagorean one. Both ALT and Love, Sex Aur Dokha added to 8. And that happens to be our lady’s fadic number! Will 8 work as well as 7? If it does, I’ll start believing in numerology.