Friday, November 27, 2009

Which brand is named after this gentleman?

Grundig, the german giant in consumer electronics, is named after Max Grundig.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why 'Recession' is better than 'Depression'

Names are words. (Duh!) For a name to be impactful, the word representing it must make all the right noises, if you know what I mean. And if you don't, here's what: In the thirties, after the Great Depression of '29, people didn't want to hear the sound of the 'D' word, preferably, ever again. So, they came up with a new, kinder, more compassionate sounding one: Recession. Any economic downturn in the years that followed the big 'D' came to be termed as a 'Recession'. Essentially, recession became a euphemism for depression.

That said, the Great Depression is not the only reason people prefer recession, the sound of it, also, helps soften the blow. Or at least it did, back then. Now, though, we're in a time where some of us could do with a euphemism for the big 'R'. Whatever softer sounding word we go for, it'll help to arrive at the appropriate one once we have understood why people prefer the sound of 'recession' to 'depression'. Here's a thumb rule to acquaint yourself with and apply on all words/terms in the 'bad news' space.

The explanation, in short: Recession has two 'hard sounds' less than 'Depression'. Think about how useful this kind of 'tongue-walking-on-eggshells' becomes, literally and metaphorically, when you're looking for the right words (or word) to break the bad news. Recession, from the linguistic, oral and word navigation points-of-view, was easier to handle than 'depression'. (Just say it, softly.)

Next thing you know, we'll have a euphemism for 'recession'? (Don't we, already?) Whatever the people who decide these things proclaim it should be, we think for it to work, it'll have to drop the 'sion'. Any ideas on what the next recession will be called? Anyone for 'Hiccup'? It has no soft sounds but sounds less sombre than 'recession'. Sadly, a hiccup is too short to be seriously considered as a contender for the title of 'euphemism for recession'.

How about 'slowdown'? Ok.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Celebrity Baby Names

Aarav - Akshay Kumar's son
Alexander Pete - Naomi Watts' son
Alimayou Moa-T - Wesney Snipes' son
Anvay - Rahul Dravid's son
Arin - Madhuri Dixit's son
Aryan Khan - Shah Rukh Khan's son
Bluebell Madonna - Geri Halliewell's daughter
Cayden Wyatt - Kevin Costner's son
Charlie Axel - Tiger Woods' son
Clementine Jane - Ethan Hawke's daughter
Daisy True - Meg Ryan's daughter
Dona Ganguly - Saurav Ganguly's daughter
Emme Maribel - J.Lo's daughter
Emmy Charlotte - Ricky Ponting's daughter
Finn - Christy Turlington's son
Hania Riley - Vin Diesel's daughter
Hayes Logan - Kevin Costner's son
Henry - Heidi Klum's son
Henry Daniel - Julia Roberts' son
Henry Tadeusz - Colin Farell's son
Honor Marie - Jessica Alba's son
Isabella - Matt Damon's daughter
Jayden James - Britney Spears' son
Knox Leon - Brangelina's son
Lucia - Mel Gibson's daughter
Max Liron - Christina Aguilera's son
Maximilian David - J Lo's son
Nahla Ariela - Halle Berry's daughter
Nysa - Kajol's daughter
Oscar - Gillian Anderson's son
Pax Thien - Brangelina's son
Quinn - Sharon Stone's son
Rasha - Raveena Tandon's daughter
Ryan - Madhuri Dixit's son
Sadie Madison - Adam Sandler's daughter
Sebastian Thomas - Tommy Hilifiger's son
Shiloh Nouvel - Brangelina's daughter
Tennyson Spencer - Russel Crowe's son
Valentina Paloma - Salma Hayek's daughter
Valentino - Ricky Martin's son

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Lots of syllables. Lots of pits stops. Lots of history. And a nice bit of portmanteaugiri. Nice name for a tsunami-victims relief project. You could do worse than check out her products.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A movie called Talaq Talaq Talaq

I was wondering about the sensation such a movie title would cause. If an orthodox muslim were to read this aloud in front of his wife, it would lead to a divorce! I googled to see why no ever thought of this. Actually to be fair, BR Chopra wrestled with the idea, way back in the eighties. He dropped it when there were objections from islamic bodies. He later released the movie as Nikaah. Yes, the film that featured this lovely song...

Posted by Anantha.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Talk about funny names. The pawpaw is a native american fruit and name of a town in the state of Michigan. It is also often called 'prairie banana' because of its banana-like creamy texture and flavor. You can read, even, more about it, here. And more.